illinois-county-mapSmart Gigabit Chicago is designed for all stakeholders in the smart city + gigabit network economy, from network operators to applications developers to public and private institutions that have a stake in building the information platforms that will deliver innovation, community services and economic growth.  Executives from the following organizations should attend:

City, County and State Government

  • Mayors, Councilmembers and Elected Officials
  • City Managers, CIOs, and Managers of Public Works
  • Economic Development managers
  • Telecommunications, Networking & IT Officers
  • City Anchor Institutions: Education, University, Library and Healthcare
  • Public Safety and First Response Agencies
  • State Agencies focused on Research, Education and Health Networks
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Regional Broadband Consortia

Commercial and Residential Enterprise

  • MDU and MTU Property Owners and Managers
  • Media, Entertainment and Gaming Companies
  • Digital Media Entrepreneurs

Communications Service Providers

  • Telcos, ISPs, Cable Companies, CLECs
  • Integrated Communications Carriers
  • Metro Carriers and Middle-Mile Network Operators
  • Municipal and Co-Op Utilities

Technology Solutions Providers

  • Outside Plant, Engineering & Construction Services
  • Core Networking Infrastructure
  • Wireless/WiFi/4G Infrastructure Partners
  • HetNet and Small Cell Solutions providers

High Bandwidth Services & Solutions

  • Telepresence & Visual Collaboration platforms
  • Mobile Video and Streaming Services
  • Telemedicine and Distance Learning Platforms